Rhodes Old Town

>>  Tuesday, August 18, 2015

It is an easy trip into Rhodes from the resort we stay at on the island.

The boat comes straight up to the beach and stops at a few more beaches before heading to port near the Old Town.

Having been so many times now I like to blend in and not stand out as an obvious tourist....what?!

It amazes me how Australian HWMBO always gets spoken to in German but me, always English.  How do they know I'm English?!

Given the current economic mess Greece is in, I was surprised to see the signs that this is being restored courtesy of 1.2 million euros (I'm doubting myself now that it said this much but I stood pondering for ages so I'm pretty sure) from the European commission.

I guess it being a UNESCO World Heritage Site has a lot to do with it.

I could only assume it was a different budget or I'd be like "here have your damn money back, now get off our backs"
There is a massive area full of back streets like this.  It's lovely to get lost in.

Although the main tourist areas, whilst busier, are even more beautiful.

But the Knights of St John didn't take it all, the Islamic presence is just as beautiful (as is the Jewish Synagogue where I met an Auschwitz survivor)
The modern mixes with the old.
The East with the West

And religion sits side by side.


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