Girlguiding Midlands Mayhem in Paris 2015

>>  Friday, August 28, 2015

I want to show you this amazingly professional film put together by the Rangers in my group on our recent international adventure.

They were a great group of girls, they are all going far in this world and in the right direction.

I had 10 girls in my group, 6 from my Rangers and 4 from another local Ranger unit. 6 of them decided they wanted to make their promises as a part of the adventure, 4 from another unit and 2 from mine.

I admit I cried as they did it.

Going away with Guiding is an important part of the program we run.  It is a controlled environment away from what they are familiar with, it pushes them to meet new boundaries, it allows them to develop, builds confidence.  As leaders we probably give them wider boundaries in many ways than parents might allow, despite the constant risk assessing,  head counting, checking, rechecking and double checking that goes on in my head the whole time.

But above all else it is great fun.

And if it's not fun, it's not Guiding.


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