Girlguiding Midlands Mayhem CityDash in Paris

>>  Sunday, August 30, 2015

As a part of our recent international adventure, 600 girls from the Midlands Region went to Paris for the day to play a wide game!

Paris couldn't have known what was about to hit them.

Whilst we travelled there as a large group from my area, I was responsible for a team of 10 senior section girls.  I've been really nervous leading up to it as we hadn't had a huge amount of detail about the game, surprise is part of it, there's no point doing it really if it's all fully planned in advance, it loses the challenge.

It was a City Dash game.  We had maps of areas, grid references and clues, there were guards patrolling so you lost points if they spotted you and your number or if you were very stealth like and got their number first, you could gain some points.

We did very well.  We found a lot of the clues, managed to spot some guards and went to 4 different zones out of 6 possible.  We covered the Eiffel Towel, Notre Dame, Jardin du Luxembourg and the Pompidou Centre.

Dashing plant pot to plant pot and hiding behind them at the Jardin du Luxembourg was the highlight I think.  I was amazed by how unconcerned the other tourists were, they just completely ignored us.  I was slightly worried as we darted past solders fully armed and hid behind statues peering around them.  I can only assume they had been briefed to expect teenage girls and puffing leaders in bright pink t-shirts to be stalking them like terrorists and to hold fire!

The weather was incredibly hot, into the 30s.  We were all wet with sweat, we didn't stop to eat and only drank water on the move for 4 hours. And not one of the team moaned once, we were all fully engaged and happy.

I think we hit a good balance, we did do some sight seeing, we did get to take some photos and we didn't actually break out into a yomp at any point.

We came 15th out of 50 teams with 315 points.  Not bad going I think.  I do know that 2 of the guard spots we got did not register on the app and one clue we found wasn't on there either so I think we probably did better than it registered.

I can't imagine how we could have done any more than we did, so I'm in total wonder of the teams that came so far above us.  I do wonder if they split up and did zones separately.

After time was up and we made it back to base (Invalides) we had a presentation and made a lot of noise.  We were a sea of pink and blue.

It was an amazing day, the Rangers had a great time and were fantastic.  I was really proud of them.


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