Camp fire (yes, in a field again!)

>>  Friday, July 24, 2015

 It's that time of year for Guiding, time to be in a field.

And so we were again.

My Rangers had decided not to sleep over, but a good number went in for the evening camp fire.

I thought I was also there for a relax.

 Guiding doesn't work that way does it?!
So this was my view a fair amount of the time but it's ok, I got to do a lot of washing up too and I cleaned the loos! (Only because the recently retired Midlands Commissioner was still scrubbing dirty pans and she was planning to do it afterwards - hierarchy is no respect-er of dirty jobs in Guiding either!)

 The whole camp site was a mass of teenagers chillin' no matter which direction you looked.  There were a lot of DofEs there as well.

I think this is such a healthy way for them to spend time.  It made me really happy to see them.

The sun started to set.
 And I did get to go to the camp fire Cinderella.

It was a beautiful evening.
I had a few difficulties with one of my Rangers not getting picked up as planned and whilst trying to solve it I wandered back to the field to find the two I was taking home.

Found them.......just chillin'!


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