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>>  Wednesday, June 10, 2015

With all the extra stress and activity at home at the moment I'm struggling to keep up a bit so I decided I would take my Gallery 'snap' whilst out running on Sunday provided the theme was out in time.  But my plan was sort of scuppered by the theme 'Buildings'

My runs rarely go near a building.  I actively avoid anything urban.

So you'll have to settle for a local church.  Looks jolly old doesn't it!  It's surprisingly new - 1849.

Grand buildings often incorporate a chapel.
I did go fairly close to a newer barn. So often there's a farm on a stately estate.
A grand building has grand entrances, I went through a few gates.
A stately building has many levels, I went under an aqueduct.  Cows ground floor, boats first floor!
A stately home is a place to live, eat, sleep and relax.  Check.
A large building will need to have  clearly marked exits (look closer!)
The most stately of stairs can be seen in the most majestic homes.
And they have concealed doorways that lead to secret places beyond.
An almost completely hidden entrance to a very long tunnel.
And the important shelter they provide from the sun, wind and rain and so often with copious flower arrangements set around to delight our senses.

The construction site that is the ever changing face of nature.  The original building!

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