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>>  Sunday, June 07, 2015

Cog's arm  is slowly starting to heal.  We have to take the splint off to change the dressings.  The swelling is going down and scabs are starting to form.  But you can see why the surface is so painful, let alone the bone pain she has.

She had exams both morning and afternoon one day so I made a picnic, and picked her up for lunch, we only went about 5 minutes down the road from school and parked in a quiet lane.

It meant she got a brain break away from the noise that is a school lunch time and had a chance to allow her brain to 'swap subjects' with a quiet flick through the revision guide for the next one.

In my usual mother style I'd done a lovely pack up for her, cooked an Italian pasta salad, bought fresh fruit, cold drinks on ice.......and did absolutely nothing for myself!  I only realised when I got there, I've been so absorbed in making sure she is getting what she needs to get through this.

I had time during the afternoon exam wait out to make up for it,  I love this cafe.  I sit and have a lovely big mug of tea and toast (my choice to have nothing with it)for £1.25 whilst looking over at the Starbucks queue.  I just don't get why you would go to Starbucks when you can sit here with a cuppa!

HWMBO has had a severe form of man flu, he has been coldy for about 2 weeks.  With me threatening him with under patio burial if he passed his germs on, he finally gave up with the exam attitude and my nagging and took himself off to a hotel to wait it out.  I received a text from him telling me how difficult it was (oh yes, that having meals cooked for you, bed made, room cleaned, quiet....the stress free quiet....must be hell dear, don't even go there!)

Cog is now 10 exams into 13.  Using a scribe seems to be going ok except for maths, which appears to have been a complete disaster.  But I can almost smell the end of this, one more week and it is done and it won't be soon enough for all of us.


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