The Brampton Valley Way Tunnels

>>  Wednesday, May 06, 2015

 As a first reccy for a possible Ranger outing we did a much longer walk on the Brampton Valley Way than we would normally do.

There are 2 old train tunnels to walk through. We've walked to both tunnels before from different points but not through them.

Starting near Maidwell, we walked to the Kelmarsh tunnel.

It started out quite light for at least, hmmmm, 20 yards!
Then it all got pretty black.

A torch is an essential.

I couldn't tell how fast the bikes were coming, the moving lights in the dark gave me no clues.  Some rode through faster than I would have dared splashing through puddles and all who were close.  Other cyclists were pushing them through.

 There is a pool of light in the middle of the tunnel from the air vent.

 The last trains went through in 1981.  The walls are sooty and the recesses all bricked up now.
 It wasn't as scary to walk through as I thought it might be. But it was a busy bank holiday Monday.  I don't think I'd fancy it on my own.
 I thought it was a good time for a couple selfie.  HWMBO does not really do posing, he marched on.
 Only a loud 'OY!' got him to turn around.  This is probably as good as it was going to get so I gave up.
 The path goes past RAF Harrington.  One of the Thor missile launch sites. No longer active since project Emily ended.  It was a key player in the Cuban Missile crisis. (Key! See what I did there?!)
The Oxenden tunnel is longer, wetter and with more pot holes.

 The railway marks are all there.
 And another ventilation shaft.
 There was water pouring into this one, despite it being a dry day.

We walked 10km (6 miles) along the path through the 2 tunnels.  It was a pleasant walk with a difference.


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