Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church (Gedachtnis Kirche) Berlin

>>  Friday, May 08, 2015

The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin is much like we know Coventry Cathedral, partly a bombed out shell preserved as a memorial and a new modern cathedral built for worship.

It is known as ' the hollow tooth' and you can see why.

 It was once a huge beautiful cathedral and the small part that has been preserved has a hall where some beautiful (if patched up) mosaics can be seen.
There is an exhibition to see of the before pictures but mostly the ruins say it all. stairs you cannot access, leading to nowhere.

There is a crucifix in the hall made from nails from the old Coventry Cathedral roof.  I manage to walk by it without realising the significance until afterwards.

The building has been patched up enough to keep it standing and safe.

But no so much as to 'fix' it.

The ravages of war are quite clear to see.
Shrapnel marks

And lots of bullet marks

The new building on the outside is even more ugly than the new Coventry Cathedral - a miracle in itself.

But step inside and marvel at the beauty of the coloured glass.

Although the concrete back drop in places still took a bit of getting used to!!

We only went here because it was close to our hotel when we went to Berlin.  Don't leave it off your list of must sees if you go.  You only need 45 minutes to an hour to visit it, well worth the time.


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