Marshmallow catapult

>>  Friday, March 20, 2015

With the Richard III re interment happening at the moment we have started the Richard III challenge badge at Rangers.

Making a 'medieval war machine' seemed appropriate!

You need:
4 normal marshmallows
7 BBQ skewers
1 plastic tea spoon
1 elastic band
sticky tape
mini marshmallow/jelly babies

Create a base frame

Add 3 more sticks and a marshmallow to hold them together.

Tape the spoon to the remaining stick stick

Put the elastic band over the top marshmallow.

Slide the stick with the spoon attached through the band and into a base marshmallow.

And off you go.  

Mini marshmallows launch really well, Jelly babies are fun but are harder to fly!

Letting the marshmallows air harden for a while will help with strength but the Rangers also found different ways to strengthen up the catapult.

Some clever.

Some less so!

Some catapults became 3 spoon monster machines, I just left them to it and was impressed to see the ideas they came up with just to get more marshmallows flying harder, faster, further.

I gave them a box and they made a castle and a paper moat to aim at.

Mostly they aimed at each other!

The mess was mighty but they cleared up at the end.

After they'd gone I picked my coat up to leave and a little shower of marshmallows dropped to the floor.  "ahhhh bless" I thought ....or at least something similar!!

A fun night, totally recommended.


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