Eclipse the 'fail to photograph' edition

>>  Saturday, March 21, 2015

My main problem in life I think is that I don't plan ahead too well. I knew there was an eclipse coming but having already 'done one' in  1999 and a sterling one at that, I wasn't too interested until the moment start to happen.

source: twitter I think, I just remember sighing
 at the highlighting of my ineptitude and saving to disk!
People like this live in pre-planned life where they enjoy a moment properly with correct equipment.
I on the other hand was on my hands and knees on the hall floor with a swiftly grabbed colander and a confused cat.
The wooden flooring with stained glass colouring effect wasn't going to cut the blog mustard so I grabbed some old card from the Brownie kit and tried again in Cog's room.  At this point I realised the colander holes are a weird shape and it was never going to work.

I grabbed a biro from close by and stabbed a hole in the card and the effect was as bad as the colander.

Finally admitting I had to do this properly, I stomped downstairs for a pin...

Mmmmm'kay that was a bit better.

Source: twitter I think, I just remember sighing at
 the smugness of some photographers and saving to disk.

But twitter was already awash with photos like this......
Yeah, well.....I can do arty with the tools I had to hand.  Cats are way more popular than birds and the sun is there....what?! what?!

The irony of this is I've been moaning for ages about the sunspot created by my camera in the lower left of every picture I take, and in this one the sunspot is the sun eclipsing (is that even a word?!)

Anyway, with a bit of effort I totally nailed it....



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