Half Term

>>  Friday, February 27, 2015

We haven't had much of a break this half term, Cog was working constantly at course work or homework, and I was working most of it too.

But we did take time out to go pottery painting.  We've been a few times together across the years.  Sometimes with groups of people or for parties but mostly just the two of us.

Cog enjoys the milkshakes.

I enjoy the company.

It's a relaxing time.

 Whilst Cog was at a music lesson, I took the opportunity to test my suffering knee with a short run.

Whilst I was messing around selfie-ing, I suddenly twigged that behind me was a ridge.  About 350 years ago these fields would have been full of about 3000 cavalry men about to fight one of the most important battles of the civil war.  We have been so wrapped up in the War of the Roses, Richard III and Bosworth around here I think we mostly forget that Naseby is on the doorstep.

I had a sobering dusk run back to the car wondering how many men had died in these fields.

 Not all doom and gloom though.  The daylight hours are extending nicely, and leaving work in the light is giving some lovely homeward bound vistas.  I love it as I come over the hill and see the old windmill in the distance.

But it is just as nice to see the new wind turbines turning gently as the sunsets.



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