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>>  Sunday, January 18, 2015

 A rather beautiful pheasant paid a visit to my garden this week.
 He was lovely, loud and upset the cats dreadfully.
 Torn between watching, chattering (as cats do) and generally moaning at me about the state of play!

 I left them to work it out for themselves and went for a walk.

My left knee has currently given up the ghost and I've not run since before New Year.
 I spotted 2 guys standing on what looked like a sinking boat wearing wet suits.

Never one backwards in being forwards, I marched down the bank to catch up with them and ask why.

They were waterways workers still fishing the dead fish out, it was their second run of the day and they said they were still floating up.

There is no other plan, just time and dead fish removal.
 The heron  was still hanging around.

Only one though today, not two.
 I managed to catch it in flight this time.
 I also spotted a buzzard flying.
 It sat on a post menacing a group of fieldfares

I'm not doing too badly now with this camera

The final surprise of the day was a bag of Opal Fruits (Starburst to the younger generations) that had been hung quite carefully in a tree.  I guess it must have been a leftover from a Cub Scout evening up there.

I do see so much more when I walk, rather than run but I'm missing my running a lot.


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