A dead canal is no joke

>>  Friday, January 16, 2015

It was a normal walk by the canal.  I'd not been paying much attention whilst marching along listening to my new favourite podcast "stuff you missed in history class"

I noticed the lock gates were chained closed.

Then I started to notice this.
An old chap came walking by in the opposite direction and I asked him what was going on.  Slurry spill apparently, had left the water in a bit of a mess.

With a lot of dead fish.

And this was after the water had been cleaned up and fish saved, so imagine how dreadful it must had been. After that for quite some distance I saw floating fish after floating fish.
I guess it has a knock on affect to the other wildlife too.

There were 2 herons in the distance.  The old chap had a nice SLR with him and me my new pocket camera.  "you'll not get them with that" he said.

Actually considering the zoom it didn't do too badly.

I was quite impressed with what it managed, he was too.

So back to dead fish being no joke, one of my favourites:

What did the salmon say when he swam into a wall? 


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