Sock Snowman

>>  Sunday, December 28, 2014

This little guy is really cheap and easy to make.

You need:

One large white sports sock
3 elastic bands
cup of rice or toy stuffing (I used a bit of both)
buttons or felt or felt tip pens
Glue or needle and thread
strip of material/ribbon (about an inch wide and 7 inches long)

 Take the sock
 cut it across at the heel
 Take the top part of the sock you just cut off and turn it inside out.

Tie the part that was closest to the heel with an elastic band.
 Turn it back the right way so the elastic band is inside.
 Pour some rice into the sock and shake it about a bit, the bottom will become 'fuller'.  Once I had a shape that stood ok on it's own I stuffed it with tot stuffing.  It would be fine to only use rice.
Wrap an elastic band about 3/5ths up to create a neck.

Put some more rice in and again I topped it up with toy stuffing, but all rice would be fine.

Tie the top off with the last elastic band.

(The first time I found the head was quite wobbly when it was stood up so I replaced some of the stuffing for extra rice to make the head heavier.)

Take the foot part of the sock . Fold the cut end over and place it on his head to create a hat.

Tie the strip of material or ribbon around the neck to cover the elastic band.

I stitched the buttons into place.  A hot glue gun would hold them.

Or you could draw on the face with sharpies.

Or you could glue goggly eyes and a felt nose and buttons or go to town with pom-pom buttons.


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