Maths on Remembrance

>>  Friday, November 14, 2014

I have 15 rangers.

6 were at 3 different Friday night parade rehearsals, 1 got leave from work to do her rehearsal.

Most will have worked on Saturday.  I know one started work earlier so she could be at the Saturday night local bonfire night run by the Rotary club.

6 turned up for that to run the drinks stall and also help to serve food.  The money raised goes towards the local Scout and Guiding hut (which we don't meet at because we can't afford the rent - oh the irony!).   But community service is an important part of the Senior Section program.

11 attended the bigger village Remembrance parade on Sunday morning.  I know at least 2 lost money by giving up shifts to be there.

1 played the last post at a smaller village on Sunday morning.

8 were at the Sunday afternoon parade in a different village. 6 of those were at the morning one, so did two parades and church services.

1 of them was at all 4 events.
5 were at 3 events.
4 were at 2 events
5 were at 1 event

I told them before hand it was their duty to do a Parade and I expected it. There is no other time when I say that I expect them to be anywhere.

They came up trumps really didn't they.

Me?  Yes, I was there in the thick of it.  I attended 4 out of the 7 events my girls were split across. But only because I was unable to cut myself into 3 on Friday and 2 on Sunday morning!

I'm proud of us.  So much more was given than I ever expected.


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