Bright and Happy Brownie Yellow

>>  Wednesday, November 12, 2014

This week's gallery is 'Yellow'

Yellow has to be Brownies doesn't it.  When I was a Brownie the yellow was only for the neck ties, the rest was brown.

But now yellow is a much bigger player in the Brownie world.

It's a lovely bright, happy colour.

This is a dreadful selfie but it was such a happy day.  I wore the bright yellow high vis for my allocated task of car parking duty and I shared the job with a lovely guider.  We hit it off straight away.  This bad photo makes me happy with the memories it gives me.

And I get such a sense of joy just looking at this picture.  The bright yellow sun over a camp.

Bright, Happy Brownie yellow.

You've got to smile at it haven't you.


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