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>>  Sunday, November 30, 2014

 It's been a few years since I've mention mudski.

For a long time I've been too worried about doing damage to my back to really get out and enjoy it.

But I've finally managed to start again - serious muddy running!
 I love it, I love splashing through the muddy puddles and getting completely caked up in dirt.
 I was going to turn right here and go home giving me an 8k run.  But the sun on the other side of the tunnel was too tempting so I waded through the mud.
 And headed up hill.  Amazing weather for the end of November.
Such lovely views.
 Still waters. (That are still low after the summer.)

I can never understand why there are so few people out here.

In 14k I saw 4 rabbits, 2 squirrels, a heron, 2 buzzards and 4 walkers. 1 of whom took photos of me splashing through the mud!!

I suspect my Christmas shopping is never going to get done whilst this sort of day is the alternative.


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