Rangers make Play Dough

>>  Friday, October 17, 2014

 We are doing the Groovy Challenge badge at Rangers at the moment.  And making model camper vans is one of the clauses.

A playdough opportunity if ever there was one.

The Rangers made their own playdough.  I think it's a great lesson in independent living.  They learnt you don't have to go to a toy shop and spend a fortune on the playdough and it's absolutely fine just to throw it away afterwards because it's so cheap.  Although it does last for quite a long time in a ziplock bag or tupperware in the fridge.

You only need:

1 cup plain flour (100grams)
1/2 cup salt (150 grams)
1/2 tablespoon cream of tartar (cooking aisle near bicarb!)
1 tablespoon cooking oil
1 cup hot water (200 ml) from kettle with a splash of food colouring

(Don't worry if you haven't got a measuring cup or scales, I have used a drinking cup and a desert spoon sometimes and still come up fine.)

Just put them into a bowl (it helps if the hot coloured water goes in last) and mix well, when it comes together just kneed it a bit and you have play dough as good as the bought stuff.

I always forget the 'use warm water bit' and put all the cold 'ingredients' into a pan on the stove and stir it until it's mixed and comes together to form a ball, let it cool a little and kneed it a bit.  Either the hot water 'just mix' method or the cold water 'cook it on the stove top' method is just fine. And neither will take you longer than 10 minutes.

If is isn't very pliable you needed to use a bit more oil, if it's too wet, you need a bit more flour.  But if it's measured according to the recipe it should be fine.

You can add a few drops of essence in the kneeding stage to make it smell nice too.  Try a cinnamon for Christmas playdough crafts.

I wish more kids learnt how to make things from base ingredients.  So many times we buy expensively ready made things that can be made quickly and easily for a fraction of the cost at home.

I always made my own play dough when Cog was young,  mainly because she used to eat everything and I was happier knowing what she was eating! But also because making it filled up more playing time and it was a good lesson in weighing and measuring.  A basic maths and science lesson combined!


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