London before the Storm

>>  Sunday, August 17, 2014

We had a trip down to London this weekend to meet some Australian friends that were travelling through on their honeymoon.

We ate lunch in a very light and clean place, not too far from the Golden Hinde, called the Hays Galleria.

I thought it was really nice and had never been there before.
'I come here a lot for lunch' said HWMBO.

Funny the things each other do that we just don't share.

HWMBO and I went to the Clink Museum which I'll tell you about in another post.

We took our friends to the Sherlock Holmes Pub.  We've been here a few times so we knew if we could actually get a seat (no mean feat on a Friday as the Whitehall workers are finishing) then all would be fine.

It's a fairly cool pub by my standards as pubs go, and a good plate of fish and chips.

We stayed in a hotel right next to St Paul's which is a fairly quiet part of London to stay in.  Thoroughly recommend The Grange, St Paul's.
I spotted another statue I hadn't seen before.  Dedicated to the Firefighters that lost their lives in the war.

We had a walk down the river in the morning to the Perkin Reveller for a very long breakfast with yet more Australians.

NB at RTFM had mentioned that the cauldron from London 2012 Olympics was on display at the Museum of London so we went there to take a look.

I like this museum it is always quieter than the Kensington ones and very interesting.  They also do a fine coffee.

We also spent time looking at the poppies in the moat at the Tower.

I found it so moving to think that each poppy is a life.  It was the shadows that they cast that really left me thinking.  Shadows of the lives the young soldiers would have lived, could have lived,  if the war had not happened, if they hadn't been killed.  Each shadow a dark reminder of the sadness each poppy stood there for.

We also had a most unsatisfactory walk down the Portabello Road with approximately 3 million other people, all of whom also appeared to be in Leicester Square afterwards.

We had a most marvellous meal in the Ape and Bird in Soho with yet more Australians!

And then we queued into the tube and all along the tube corridors with the same 3 gazillion people to crush ourselves into a train home with the days Arsenal supporters!

So why the London before the storm?  Ahhhh well, next weekend I go back again and it is not going to be anywhere near so restful!!!!


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