Ghillie Kettle

>>  Wednesday, August 13, 2014

You might remember the Storm Kettle Tea party we had at Brownies.

I was so taken with the Storm kettle that I started to hunt around for one of my own.  Based on reviews, I chose the Ghillie and HWMBO obediently provided it.

The Gillie has a whistle!  It's very exciting.  Shush you non-believer there, yes it is exciting

It was fired up and put to the test.  Well at least to boil through a couple of full kettles of water to clear out any solder or anything else left in the manufacturing process.

Cog had been having a funny mood of a day but the smell of smoke brought her down stairs (ever the Guide) to poke the fire and collect pine cones,  There is something about fire that draws people in together.


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