London walking and eating

>>  Friday, July 25, 2014

 We arrived in London about 11am and needed to be in Battersea by 2pm so we took our time.  We caught a tube and walked across the footbridge to the Tate Modern for lunch.

Nice smoked chicken caesar salad for me and ham, eggs and chips for Cog.
We caught the stationary snog bus for frozen yogurt on the southbank.
 It was just like being in Hollister but without the 'me getting thrown out for taking photos' part!
 The skate 'park' was fantastically bright too.
 The river was very busy.
 We walked all the way from the Tate Modern to Battersea Dogs and Cats home and then back again!  It was hot but there was a warm breeze along the river and after Westminster you run out of tourists and it becomes quite pleasant!

Battersea is an absolute building site around the Power Station, that area is going to take off in a big way once the rich people move in.
 Such a long walk deserves the best treat.  Tea at the Perkin Reveller turned into diner with crab for me and smoked salmon for Cog, followed by lemon cake and a freshly baked chocolate fondant.

So overall it was a fine balance of exercise and calories with a heavy hole in the purse.
But it was a most content stomach that walked in the golden evening sunshine back to the tube toward home.


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