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>>  Sunday, June 29, 2014

Cog has just finished a week of work experience with the Police Force.  She has had a ball.

She did well to get the placement.  She had to make a formal application with a 'cv' direct to the force, not through the school.  She had an interview.  She was one of the 4 selected out of 12.  This boosted her confidence soundly.

They haven't pussy footed about with her this week.  On her first day she had to help police a local armed forces event.  A road was partially closed for a while and Cog found herself having to explain to the questioning passing public what was happening, she attended a 'function' afterwards and met the local mayor.

She has been to CID briefings, been out in cars patrolling crime hot spots as part of a current initiative.  She attended a road traffic accident and helped to redirect traffic whilst the fire and ambulance services attended.  She been out to different police stations, seen custody and 999 call handling.  They had to go to a fire station for a legitimate reason and she got to sit in the cab (not part of the legitimate reason!).  She was even lucky enough to go out to the helicopter and sat inside that too.

It sounds like a week of pure fun, but actually she's been going around with different working officers everyday.  They have been very candid with her.  She has told me about different dreadful experiences some of the officers have attended but the way they have shared this information with her must have been very well done because whilst she is telling me about it, she isn't phased at all.

She was so worried before she went but she has come away so positive, confident and happy.  I can't thank the police officers enough.

The written feedback they have given her constantly refers to her confidence, excellent communication and body language.  I think that the leadership she has been doing both with Guiding and with Sports Leaders has helped her here immensely.  But I am so proud that the girl I dragged along to karate to try to get her to stop crying and hiding and start shouting and kicking out has become a confident person in the eyes of others.

Policing is a hard job and not one that is ever going to make you a millionaire but as she told me, all of the people doing it wanted to be there.  It's a vocation.  And one I think Cog has it in her to do if she chooses to.


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