Chocolate Bananas or Hotdogs without a campfire

>>  Friday, June 27, 2014

The hot dogs without a campfire resource came from the Midlands Arts Explosion Hands on resource.

The chocolate bananas came about because I have one Ranger that I knew wouldn't touch a hotdog with a barge pole.

You need 1 litre cardboard milk or juice cartons,  wash them out properly as you use them up and open the tops fully for drying.  If you can I recommend cutting off the twisty plastic bit,  I didn't, it left a chewing gum like lump of plastic behind.

So hot dogs (use meat products that rely on re-heating rather than cooking from raw): I bought the ones that don't have any mechanically separated meat in them (if you don't understand why, google it).  This meant that the frankfurters were actually quite large and solid (if expensive).  I think this is a good thing for this activity.

You wet a paper towel (again pick a good quality brand), wring it out and wrap the hot dog in it, covering it all.

Wrap that in strong tin foil, at least 3 layers and not too tight, leave some air in there.

Put the silver foil into the carton and set it on fire at the top.  This wasn't so easy on a windy camp site but the rangers managed in the end.  I found a cigarette lighter to get the first one going was very useful.

The hot dog is heated when the packaging is all burnt away.  The silver foil cooled down fairly fast. The paper stayed hot inside so take care peeling it off.

Remember to have a water bucket or sand bucket nearby and follow standard campfire rules.

Chocolate bananas:  I bought Tesco extra value ones which makes it really cheap.  Peel them, make a cut down the centre of the banana but not all the way through, slot in squares of chocolate.
Wrap the whole thing in 3 wraps of silver foil again, not too tight.

Pop it into the carton and set it on fire and leave until burnt away.

Let the silver foil cool, unwrap it carefully, and eat out of the silver foil using a spoon.

The Rangers preferred these to the hotdogs.

My list:

hotdogs (or veggie sausage)
bread rolls
tomato sauce
kitchen roll
silver foil
1 litre cartons
fire tongs
extra long matches (and a lighter if you are a fire wimp like me)
plastic spoons
paper plates (just made it a bit easier for some girls)
pan grab (just in case)
bucket x2 (one for wetting towels and one for fire bucket)
dustbin bag

I think you could do this just standing the cartons in turkey foil trays, provided you were on hard ground, not grass.  We used an alter fire.

Have fun.


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