Infinite pleasure with a finger (or haribo - take your pick!)

>>  Sunday, June 15, 2014

Yes, I did just say that.  Not sure I could quite believe they actually put in on the box.

But we put on the boots to see if we could achieve those heady heights.

England were beating the Soccerroos hands down (see what I did there?!) and the Australian was getting a little stressed by my goal celebrations. (Competitive me? nooooo!)

Then I discovered the up flick and could hit him in the head everytime.  Such fun (for me!)

But even when he started throwing the ball at the goal and then at me, he still couldn't score.

Soooooo infinite pleasure?  Errr, no.  Infinite marital tension enhanced...yup!

I won the trophy and the ball and the shirt and the boot.

But then I was never going to let him near my Haribo in a million years anyway regardless of the score.

Like I ever asked anyone ever "would you like one of my haribo?"


Haribo send me sweets to eat - this makes me happy.

If you would like a packet and an infinite pleasure giving football game then just be the first to leave me a comment saying so and they will send one to you too.
This should make you extraordinarily happy too*

*Disclaimer: for extended happiness, do not play an Australian or mention that they 'know naaaaarthing' about the beautiful game, or flick the ball in his face or chant 'ENG-GER-LAND and we all like vindaloo' as it strikes him for the nth time. 


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