Even Snakes do it

>>  Wednesday, June 18, 2014

 This week's Gallery is Breathe.

This is a picture of beauty to me and a glorious walk. To Cog and HWMBO it is a journey through hell.

Cog has hay fever about 10 months of the year.  She takes an antihistamine nearly all year round, missing only the very dark winter months.  By February she is very much back on the tablets, by March the nasal spray is out and come April the eye drops are happening too.
I love this.  It is a horror story walk for her.  Occasionally I'll get a bit sniffy, the odd sneeze.  If I'm at that point, she is beyond help, sore throat, headaches, can't breathe, streaming eyes.  Poor kid.

The different pollens affect her in different ways,  her eyes hurt so much in Australia.

Breathing clearly makes such a difference.  The difference between feeling like you are drowning and keeping your head well above water.
Just like this rather large snake I spotted on the canal.  Bigger than any I've seen before.  Holding it's head high.  They move fast too.


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