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>>  Sunday, March 09, 2014

 Apart from a general awareness of the BBC Young Musician of the year on TV and 'Brassed off', the whole music competition thing had managed to pass me by as even happening until now.

I went on my first school trip since the helping out at primary school days with Cogs Jazz Band to a regional competition.

Basically all I had to do was sit on a bus as part of the head count and watch the sensible 'kids' organise themselves, shifting masses of instruments, amps, cables, music and stands around.  They just did everything they needed to do, when it needed to be done, played well and then undid it all again for the return.  Marvellous.

I guess the kids that can play well enough to be part of this generally will have come from families where parents can afford to pay for the instruments and lessons and are generally more likely to have also been taught decent manners and behaviour.  Which was great for me but sometimes I think for all our 'free' education system it's an unfair system that we live in.  Some kids will never get these opportunities.

There was a rehearsal at Cog's own school before they left for the competition.

 I hovered around the hall taking odd photos.  This one I liked.  I thought it must be the 'special chair'.

I was having photographic fun until someone said "Whose mother IS that?"  and Cog coughed "mine"  in a very embarrassed tone.

The music teacher pointed me in the direction of the staff room to wait "with the OTHER helper" !!!

To be honest, I wanted to sit in the special chair, but did as I was told which was a relief to Cog.
Well, they won the competition. This isn't unusual for Cog's school, it has a very good performing arts department, but it is a first for Cog.  I'm very proud of her.

To celebrate she wanted a strawberry tea treat.

A nice end to a good day.


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