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>>  Monday, March 10, 2014

Back to Birmingham Airport again, I seem to spend an unusually large amount of time waiting in arrivals there considering I am not a taxi driver.

I really don't mind sitting there at all, it has a lovely atmosphere as people meet and greet, full of happiness and with a good cheap pot of tea as I watch, what's not to like.

It was a gloriously sunny and warm day which was good for HWMBO returning from 38C being as I forgot to take his coat.

But it's always important to cover health and safety essentials in case of slips, even if it is 18C.
HWMBO came home from Australia with only a handful of photos.

A skeleton on a bike, obviously.
A wave of Barbie dolls, clearly.
Oh and a bit of real art.  The thin figures not directly representing the current form of the Australian population as 4th most obese in the developed world.  With New Zealand in 3rd place, they must be gutted and eating extra burgers flat out like a lizard drinking!

He did though get to stand at the front of a driverless train in Dubai, this leaves me rather jealous.


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