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I get really fed up with the skimpy costumes whenever I go costume hunting.  I was recently looking for a lady pirate costume and I was confused at some as to whether I had typed prostitute into the search bar by mistake.

I don't like skimpy and never really have.  I've always done the 'boobs or legs, never both' rule but mainly I believe that more is less.  Leave a little something for the imagination. 

I love this poetry by Brave New Voices:

"but no matter what garment we wrap ourselves in,
a women's status of trick, treat or geek is not up for discussion
a women dressing, acting or being should be HER CHOICE
if a women wants to wear a skimpy outfit, let it be HER CHOICE
if a women wants to cover up let it be HER CHOICE
if I want to be a mother fucking monster then let it be MY CHOICE"

"was the tooth fairy a stripper? Maybe...but who cares"

Go Girls!

And one for the boys, it's often forgotten that boys have body issues: 

I'm glad I'm not young again suffering that.  I grew into my body confidence.  I can cover up or get it out.


I think that feeling comes with age.

Wouldn't it be wonderful it we could plant seeds of body confidence into all our kids minds.  I think we would first have to pull up all the media weeds of skinny models and air brushed six packs and, damn, those evil weeds have deep roots.

I've been hassling Next a lot recently about the size of their catalogue models. Their answers are as expected, corporately correct and involve sentences like "standard operational practise throughout the British garment manufacturing sector."

It's much like the media mess, they think it's ok because everyone else is doing it too.

I hope I'm still alive to see which youth generation will finally take back what is rightfully theirs:  the ability to say with conviction "THIS IS ME, AND I'M OK"


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