Arr Ye A Pirate? A sleepover challenge.

>>  Thursday, October 31, 2013

Challenge badges are a great resource.  We did the Winchester City Rangers 'Arr Ye A Pirate' challenge for a sleepover theme.

We made hats, telescopes, had an inflatable swim party (at the very close by Leisure Centre), we watched Peter Pan, we did a treasure hunt for gold pieces of eight, we made penny parrots, but the best bit was the pirate boats.

Do you remember the Cows from the Moo Challenge?

 They became boats.  The Brownies made sails for them and added their own designs.
 Each group made a ship, including the Young Leaders.

The ex-scouter husband of clever guider that used to be a scouter (I really must get shorter names for these people) came up with a fabulous canon design from tubes and clever knots.
The Brownies fired ping-pong balls at the moving ships.

The team that got the most in their boat won.

One of the older Young Leaders made a cake...

 as a surprise for Cog.  Yes, she had the privilege of spending her 15th birthday sleeping on a hall floor.
It's not the first time she's spent a birthday on a Brownie holiday.

She didn't mind at all.  She thinks it's quite a special way to spend a day.

After all, who wouldn't want to spend their birthday bouncing on inflatables, dressing as pirates and firing canons at ships!


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