Pom-pom fairies sprinkling Guiding dust.

>>  Thursday, November 28, 2013

The fairy wings were finally required last weekend. It was our local Christmas Tree festival.

The Brownies made pom-pom fairies to fly on our tree.

The girls enjoyed making them.

They looked great on the tree and it was good to see so many brownies coming in to show their parents where they had hung theirs.

I like to think that after they take them home they will be hung for a few years on their trees at home and keep their Brownie memories alive.
The Guides were around church all weekend serving tea and mince pies, clearing up and washing up.  Cog and I went in Ranger uniform for our afternoon of helping with the serving.  Guiding was very well represented.  I think people notice the uniforms and it's good publicity for us. 

But the Guides topped a bit of hard work and good PR by getting the most votes for their tree and coming first.

"Here come the Girls Guides"
It was a really lovely weekend finished by a really nice service. The Church orchestra has 1 brownie, 4 Guides, 4 Senior Section and a Guider in it, so well represented there too!
A great start to the Christmas season.


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