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>>  Sunday, November 24, 2013

As soon as I alluded to something special happening Strictly twigged straight away and told me she would be there too. In the usual 'I've slept since then' KelloggsVille way, I'd completely forgotten about it, so it was a wonderful surprise to see a vaguely familiar face heading in my direction and at the point she threw her arms around me I remembered.

I always worry about the thought of meeting people in 'real life', don't you?  I wonder whether I'll meet up to their expectations, whether we'll have something to talk about that isn't just blogging, whether I will like them as much in reality as I do on the screen, whether we'll click in the same way.


I wonder if it's the Guiding bond, the specialness of the day, or just because actually she's a lovely person? But it was all just perfect discounting the fact that I avoided her for a while until we could have a quiet conflab about not discussing the blog in front of my mother, It's not hidden but it's not, well, ....ok I haven't told my mum yet, ok!

Once Strictly realised I was stressing like a teenager about to be caught with a cigarette and calmed my nerves discussing the merits of the Glasgow guide shop versus the on-line one (we Guiders know how to rock and roll), I could have settled down for the day with her.  Unfortunately she then realised she was supposed to be finding another Guider and with the well repeated guider words of 'I think she will be able to help me with......' she was gone!
Despite Guiding in different counties we live very close and I suspect we will be found together again on a camp site one day.

Strictly has been a great source of encouragement for our Brownie adventures.  I suspect without her we wouldn't have gone off to London the first time we did, she shared such a wealth of advice and experience with us that gave us the confidence to go for it.

No Guide is ever alone, there is a world of Guiding (and Scouting) experience and friendship out there.


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