Multiplication is Vexation

>>  Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cog went off on her 'real' Duke of Edinburgh expedition yesterday. The weather was horrendous and has continued to get worse.  She sobbed when we got there, which is unusual for her these days. 

She unfortunately needed the loo as we arrived, I took her off into bushes giving instructions in the art.  Before they all set off the other 4 decided they needed the loo and Cog sent them off to the bushes like she was an old hand at it.  It made me chuckle.

The weather brightened a bit as they set off and so did she, but the break in the weather was short lived, I hope the break in her mood wasn't.

It's wet sock time again for me too, I had to choose between sliding on the mud or getting very wet feet in the grass.  Like poor Cog walking 24k in the pouring rain, it's a no win situation.

I've been worrying about her constantly, I know she'll survive but I want her to be happy, to have fun, to enjoy what she does.  I suspect there isn't much joie de vivre in this for her. 

It's a dreadfully impotent feeling.  I didn't think I was a helicopter parent but actually I suspect I am.  I've always thought, I've only got one go at this, I'm going to do everything I can to help her but this time I can't.  I can't make the weather change.

We've spent the last few weekends, HWMBO and I, fully factorising equations with Cog.  She's been struggling with it a bit and we've been helping her through it.  Hours of maths in place of running or  Guiding prep. 

Someone said to me recently that parents shouldn't be spending time like this helping with homework, it is a teacher's job.  I know they will have helped their children learn to read and write at home, why should support stop at that?  Mostly I'm just not able to help Cog with her homework these days.  I really don't know the answers, she mainly isn't taking the same subjects as I did and those that she is, I mainly can't remember how to do it anymore.

I do remember :

Multiplication is vexation,
division is as bad,
the rule of three doth puzzle me,
and practice drives me mad.


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