>>  Friday, October 11, 2013

I had to buy a new pair of nail scissors this week as all my others are untraceable again.

I looked at the packet for a while considering how to open a packet of scissors when you don't have any scissors.  Teeth are marvellous things.  Anyway, I decided to store this pair somewhere where I would never lose them.  Somewhere I would definitely remember where they were.  And as a put them away I noticed there sat 2 other pairs.  I might as well just add scissors to my shopping list now.

When I do the ironing I like it if it is acknowledged by my family with a 'thank you for ironing for me'.  HWMBO feels this is being needy and is in his words 'sick to death of hearing about it, and just don't bother doing it anymore.'

HWMBO also mentioned that my conversations tend to be negative and my problems are petty and much smaller than his.  I've listened to his criticisms and decided he is right. 

I won't be ironing his shirts anymore but it would look negative if I mentioned it to him. It's probably a petty issue that the iron is leaking badly and leaving brown stains on clothes if you don't use it in a particular way, so I've decided he probably won't want me to say anything about that either.

Whilst I'm crumpling my dirty laundry in public, I also managed to embarrass him in front of a friend by losing my patience at him about something totally out of his control and over speaker phone.  An inexcusable offence for which I have apologised. 

When things aren't looking so great I need someone to say in general terms 'chin up chuck, it'll be alright, it's a pain, we'll get there'.  This is my balm.

Unfortunately HWMBO for 14 years has said "Well you ${Insert straw man argument here} and I ${insert self defensive justification for anything remotely related}, dunni."   I have never got to the bottom of what dunni translates to from Australian to the Queen's English but to me it is a hot poker to my tiny patience gland.

This argument resulted in me walking 5 miles in shopping shoes whilst carry more shopping bags than I would like.  Hence the later requirement for nail scissors.

It's the circle of life irony.

I'm not sure whether that is irony or not.  It's definitely left me feeling rather flat.

Totally Ironic picture

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