Living Off Eggy Bread

>>  Friday, October 18, 2013

You might remember I showed you a picture of a hoodie at Wellies and Wristbands, I (and a few other leaders I was talking to) coverted it.

I'm sure it must be a sign of madness (or really bad hoodie envy) to be hunting down a hoodie on the interweb for weeks after an event.

But even if I had found it I wouldn't have been 'original', I like to try to stand out a little (mainly by showing off my penchant for utter stupidity.)

But my desire was spotted by  tshirtprinting and I'm ready for

using the biggest frying pan eggy bread pan

7 slices of bread


go on better that.

You see, living off eggy bread!

I got sent a t-shirt by, they didn't cook any eggy bread.  I suspect if I'd asked them nicely they would have done.


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