7 Selfies

>>  Thursday, October 17, 2013

Any of you that follow me on twitter know that this week I've posting a daily picture of myself under the #7selfies hashtag.

I started with my favourite.
 Shared very wet feet from Saturday's run.
 A wet me from Sunday's run.
 Day 4, waiting for COG to finish playing tennis, mum's taxi, before heading off to Rangers.
 A happy me from day 5's run.  (Run time is 'me time', I have time to take a photo - so it seems I've not been very original with the themes but at least the weather made it more interesting.)
Day 6 was new t-shirt day.  The camera was propped up on a chest of drawers.
And finally, day 7 was another mum's taxi, waiting for Cog to finish band practise before going to Brownies.

I rather like this one. So a good start and finish I think.

It's been hard taking photos of me for a whole week.  Selfies can be particularly fish-facing, so it's been quite a challenge both in terms of getting it right, having to actually look at pictures of myself and share them.

'A challenge? I like it.' As Mr Sparks was prone to say.


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