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>>  Friday, June 14, 2013

I've been training and taking exams for professional qualifications this week.

What I have mainly learnt is if the job role involves sucking up lots of information and regurgitating it accurately then sure, recruit the person with lots of exams under their belt.  But if the role involves anything more like applying common sense, multitasking, good communication then behaviours and attitudes count for so much more.

I was part of a room full of geeks learning about great ways to work and we will assuming we pass have a certificate to prove we can do it. But I know most will go back to their geeky cellar, produce sterling technical work and continue to immediately alienate any user or anyone else for that matter that comes within 20 feet of them.
It's been a few years since I took exams of this nature, it's been really quite stressful and totally draining.  I'm totally shattered.  To get the level of concentration required to be able to get through the work needed, I had to turn off my social media life.  It surprised me how easy it was to not be constantly reaching for the twitter scroll and checking email.  I think this is a habit I should try to break.

My work journey involved me driving on a thin country road used by enormous lorries and car carriers at ridiculously high speeds for the type of road if is.

I know that 2 cyclists have been killed on it this year and yet I watched 2 cyclists go through a red light at single lane road works on a bend.  Presumably because traffic lights put there for safety don't apply to them but the lorry driver coming the other way would no doubt get the blame for the head-on. Oddly, I also saw a woman pushing a double buggy down the road (there is no path). If it hadn't been too dangerous to stop I would have asked her why the hell had she even considered it.

HWMBO obeyed has gone off to Switzerland to see family, the usual 1 day's notice for the journey was given.  Can anyone please tell me how I am supposed to organise family life around this type of behaviour because it's a total loss to me.

COG is off in the rain on a DofE expedition. I'm rather worried that the weather means she won't enjoy it and it'll put her off for good.  Still, I've done my bit for the Camping Shop economy, I suggest you all buy shares in Blacks, their profits can only be up at the moment.

I have been working so hard on these exams that I haven't been able to keep my balls in the air at all. My overstuffed life is leaking at the seams. To all those of you that I am currently letting down, I am sorry, normal service will be resumed right after....well, sometime soon, ok!

If you are at all interested in what I've been learning, this goes someway to explaining it.


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