Girlguiding Impact Report 2012-2013

>>  Sunday, June 09, 2013

Have you seen the recently published Girlguiding Impact Report 2012-2013

Go have a look, it is quite incredible what Guiding and Scouting is doing for this country.

"We are the leading charity for girls and young women in the UK.
"We build girls’ confidence and raise their aspirations. We give them the chance to discover their full potential and encourage them to be a powerful force for good. We give them a space to have fun."

"We are for all girls and young women, whatever their background and circumstances. We offer them fun, exciting activities and the chance to make lifelong friends. You’ll find us in communities all over the UK, helping to give girls a head start in life and encouraging them to be happy, self-confident and curious about the world they live in and the difference they can make."

"We give girls a place where they can really be themselves with other girls and share the experience of growing up as a girl in today’s world. We provide a safe, non-judgemental environment where girls can explore the issues they care about while having lots of fun, enjoying new experiences and learning vital skills."

This is my favourite bit:

We grew by a girl an hour, welcoming more than 8,000 girls and women, taking our total membership to 546,406

Well Done ladies, very well done.


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