The most awesome walk

>>  Tuesday, March 26, 2013

This week's Gallery is walk.  This is an interesting topic for me because I write up my walks regularly.  So many of my pictures are from my local walks.  How do I pick any of those out?

I've decided to pick my most memorable rather than the best photography:

Of course it is the walk down the Mall with the Brownies, at the front of 250,000 people on the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

As we got to the Victoria Memorial the crowds in the stands roared, clapped and waved, it was the most incredible thing. 
As the police lines broke, the crowd behind us surged and we hung onto our little Brownies for dear life, but we were well briefed by the police, well prepared and all was well.  We saw the Royal family as close as close can be.  

Even the walk back to the station in the rain, as we all chattered about how exciting it had been, holds moving memories for me.  Of course I have no decent photos, I was too busy counting heads all the time to even think about pulling out the camera.  We were all in the moment.

Isn't that just the way moments should be sometimes.


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