A brush with the teen and potholing.

>>  Sunday, March 24, 2013

I finally found out why every home should own a teenager.

Well you know you can't leave a car engine running unattended these days whilst the car warms up.

It is important just on safety grounds that someone sits in the car warm and dry to protect it, whilst the chosen one brushes off the snow.

She's not daft mind, she understands the importance of keeping me in a good mood just before we go shopping.  Which clearly worked as we sat in a coffee shop a few hours later both sporting new boots.  Only I had left the house in new boots!  The review of my new Chatham-Marine's is here.
It's not great that we are getting towards the end of March and still needing boots that can cope with bad weather.  But at least I have some control over how comfy and dry our feet are.
The roads however are now falling apart.  The potholes are too numerous to even bat an eye at as you bang down yet another one.  Interestingly I regularly travel a road, too rural to have a number, that was recently patched up quite magnificantly.  I was amazed as there is rarely more than a handful of cars, tractors or horse boxes on it.  Although it does go past the drives of 2 extremely large houses in an incredibly expensive part of the countyside.

So when a bad patch suddenly appeared that was twice the size of any of those recently patched on Lord and Lady Ladidaaa's road, I knew the council would be straight onto it.  Once they'd finished reading the Sun in the cab of the van, obviously.

Oh stoooooopid, stoopid me.

"Dear Ms. K,
A Highway Inspector has assessed the issue that you reported to us and concluded that it is not currently a high priority. However, it has been noted for consideration in one of our future schedules of work.
Yours Sincerely,

Customer Service Centre Team
Environment & Transport"

"Yes I noticed you’d put the yellow marks around it.  As we discussed, the depth is still quite shallow despite it being 4’ square so I’m sure we can wait until cars are being damaged by it before patching it up. Wouldn’t want to pre-empt anything and fix it in advance of a bike coming off or anything like that.

Keep up the good work.    Yours MRS KelloggsVille"

"Dear Ms K,

I have added your further comments to the job notes and passed these on to the Highway's department who will be dealing with this matter.

Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate us"

"I'm sure that is another fantastic use of council time and resources.

I would be more than happy to discuss with any of the team about how 4' square pot holes on a heavy use* junction at the end if a chicane might affect the ability of drivers to do an emergency stop as the kids try to cross the main road to get to the high school bus stop.

But if they are too busy dealing with important issues, no worries.

As I said,  keep up the good work.


*it took me a while to wait for the quiet moment to take the photo but trust me week mornings this is heaving!


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