>>  Monday, March 11, 2013

HWMBO decided on Wednesday that he would be going to Australia for 2 weeks on Saturday. He has no problem with short notice. It just fitted into his plans and generally in HWMBO land that is all that matters.

I pleaded with COG to man the tabletop stall I had booked at the local village hall so I could do the airport run.  I went down with her to set it up and then made it back at the end to pack up.  Total profit: £7.80.  An utter waste of time.  The stall next to us made £2.00, so by comparison COG did very well.  But sometimes fund raising is like pulling teeth and this is for the jailbreak trip that neither of us are going on.  She deserves a medal or at least a treat, that will cost me more than the stall made.

I took HWMBO to the airport, we discussed the ceiling in that strange uneasy period where one is about to embarque on a fun trip to friends and sunshine and the other one is about to single handedly pull the home cart.

Still, he is gone.

The hunt was in the locality and apparently cars that follow the hunt do not have to apply any of the road laws that the rest of us must.  The irony is me taking photos whilst driving whilst complaining about the lack of law following of everybody else, I don't have photos at the truly hairy bits because it was too bloody dangerous, at this point I was stationary whilst many 4x4s stopped to get their binoculars out.  The clearway lines meant nothing,  hatchbacks up with people jumping in and out of the backs of cars whilst they were still moving and all this on  roads that carry lorries and boy racers at an average speed of 70-80 mph.  Mayhem.  I politely seriously I was very polite pointed out to a group of men clad in green stalker hats and wellies that they were sat on a car parked on a clearway blocking the traffic on a main road.  For the look they gave me, I could have been offering to slaughter and cook the horses for tea.

COG cured the stress with baking us a large coffee cake. Which has been eaten at every meal and at points in-between since.

I am introducing her to the best of Brit films.  We started with Sean of the Dead and Hot Fuzz a few weeks ago, the Full Monty last weekend and last night Love Actually.  I have Notting Hill, Four weddings and Funeral and Bridget Jones on order.

I think that will see us through until HWMBO returns and re-commandeers the TV.


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