Winter Camp

>>  Sunday, February 03, 2013

There was a large Guide and Ranger camp this weekend at our local Guiding camp site.

A few of my Rangers were there and a girl from my Jailbreak team.

I still think me camping would be a mistake for my back, especially in the cold weather, so I only went to visit for a few hours.

 A few hours was enough, it was freezing.  2.5C when I left and dropping rapidly.  Tea and cake was coming in a steady 'keep you warm' stream though.
I know I'm turning into a camping geek.  This bad boy held my gaze for longer than was proper.  There is enough chimney to have it lit in a bell tent and it can support 2 pans and a water boiler at the same time.  Oh my, I want.
There was plenty of opportunity for the girls to learn outdoor skills.
These 3 made me laugh, in fairness they were lighting fires with flint but honestly, all hands in, hair's a good job they were rubbish at it!
And when they finally got it lit and they pulled their hands out, their lovely polished nails made me smile too.  I love Rangers, they dress beautifully, look gorgeous, have perfect nails and then have great fun getting stuck into fire lighting in 10 layers of clothes and no makeup.
I love this place, it really is chicken soup for my soul.


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