A 'getting to know you' weekend away

>>  Friday, February 01, 2013

It's been a pretty hectic time just recently.  I put the mini through it's first Guiding weekend paces.  It failed admirably to fit it all in and I'm worried now about doing a big pack holiday with it.

Mum and I made 13 table pieces for the Burns night supper, which the Jailbreak girls waitressed at to start our weekend off.
This was my main view of the weekend...

...because the girls spent a lot of time planning like this.

They did also manage to write a team charter.
And finally make a decision on where they will be travelling to.

A Sticky Toffee Pudding courtesy of Aunt Bessie's went down rather well. And given that I decided to take the opportunity this weekend to do my QM qualification, anything that would help bring me in under budget was very much appreciated.  The adviser came out to visit and inspect my kitchen hygiene standards.

Despite all the hard work planning, we managed to squeeze in some fun.

The essential Guiding eggy bread created the energy...

...for the final push.

Which I will be selling to you all shortly no doubt.

Purses at the ready!


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