Trains and I

>>  Sunday, February 10, 2013

My idea of fun when COG was little was to park at the local station, catch the train one stop to the busy station, walk over the bridge and catch the train back.

The nice man in uniform at the station knew I was in it for the journey, for the love of sitting on the train and it was long enough ago for him to still have control of the car park barrier.  We did this short hop journey so often that he just lifted the barrier and didn't charge me parking. I think he recognised my love of trains as I hoped from foot to foot, excitedly buying my ticket.

COG on the other hand was usually bored and ignoring my cries of 'oh look horsey, ooooh tractor, ohhhhh another train'.  Even from an early age she would roll her eyes and pretend to be an orphan.

"Don't you want to look out honey? It's lovely out there"

 "oooh, oooo, oooo, look! It's a thing, a thing thing, Bob the builder thing"

 "FARM!  There's a farm, definitely a farm"
"why are you banging your head on the wall sweety?  Come look quick, there's cows"

Poor kid!


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