Yes, I do girls, lots of them!

>>  Wednesday, February 13, 2013

This week's Gallery is 'Girls'.  This has been really hard for me.  My life is stuff choca full of girls: 538,000 if we include all the Guiding members I haven't bumped into yet.

There were at least 2000 at Charnwood and  12,000 at the Big I'm trying my hardest to meet them all!

I love this picture from the Big Gig:

Lights over 12,000 Guides.

I can't imagine anything ever matching the feeling of closeness I got at Charnwood 2011. I have poured through the photos loving every second of it but not a single one captures the strength of feeling I have about it.

So I spent some time updating my montage video with Charnwood, the Big Gig and of course my mountain top moment on the Mall.  I hope you have 3 minutes to spare so you too can feel my passion:


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