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>>  Thursday, February 21, 2013

I keep finding these in my kitchen.  Rather than just yell at COG to clean up after herself, I decided to ask for the 'story behind them'.  It actually turned out to be quite reasonable.

My cat flap has a battery in it!  Who knew?!  Well the patient and charming man at PetMate customer services did.  He politely listened to my drivel about having to tape down the 'little red bit' and strays coming in before he really, really carefully explained to me how to change the battery.

No, seriously, is that obvious?!

I must have that known once.  My memory does worry me.

Everything looks so bright and lovely when the sun finally decides to come back from it's holidays in the southern hemisphere.

But all the tourists or at least more locals turn up at my favourite haunt.  It's so empty and runnable when it's cold and miserable!

But you don't have to go very far to lose them all again. If you spot the poo bag in the picture, the dog walker left it there whilst she finished her walk and collected it on her way back.


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