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>>  Thursday, January 03, 2013

New Year for me is for friends, family have togetherness at Christmas but the best night of the year is reserved for friends. This year I downsized from the usual house full, hot meals, and mayhem to something smaller and structured.  A wine tasting party for a few friends.  10 in a house is so much more intimate than 20 plus.

I bought a 'packaged party', complete with invites telling guests what wine to bring, tasting advice, game cards, wine glass markers, bottle covers, trivia cards, it was all in there.

The first hurdle was my very old cognac corked and  having to find something to decant it to.  I knew that teapot would come in handy!

The arrival cocktails made with syrup, crushed strawberries, cognac, chardonnay, mixed with ice  and topped up with champagne were fantastic. Please excuse the poor photos, I really didn't take many because I was having such fun.

I got the teens serving the wines and washing the glasses between each one. Well, it kept them occupied being as they couldn't taste!

There were wines to compare in twos and then we had to try to choose which was which.  It was a great way to 'party' with constant conversation and laughs.

As the night wore on it got a little less serious, we had to choose between the rose and white of the same wine blind folded.  HWMBO was not going to manage it this way.

But this way he got it spot on.

After the 'competition' had ended we settled into teams to do a 'pub quiz' whilst we finished off our personal favourite wines.

With fireworks at midnight and a game of Sevens afterwards, betting with party poppers, it was very late (or very early) when our guests were either in bed or starting the stagger walk home.

And there is only one way to do new years day:  bacon butties and a good cobweb blow out across the blustery fields.

It was definitely one of my top New Years Eve parties ever and all out of a box.

Great fun.


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