Opera for idiots

>>  Saturday, December 29, 2012

We survived Christmas.  Cog came to midnight mass for the first time.  It was lovely to be walking home in the pitch black the council turn the street lights off here at midnight as a family, calm from mass, a lovely closeness and anticipation of the next day.  Well it would have been if teen-terrible hadn't have been so tired she needed to throw a complete strop as soon as we got home. Sigh.

I sported Christmas arms and legs for the day.
The kitten yes, I know she is about 4 now, but she is still tiny learnt to play tri-ominoes.

And the gingerbread house was demolished.  Ironic that OH looks so guilty as he hardly had any.
Oh yes and the quote of  Christmas from my brother to my musical loving mother "Musicals: can't be doing with them, opera for idiots."  Went down like a lead balloon.  It amused me though.


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