Christmas Ginger Bread

>>  Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This year we decided not to make our usual Christmas Ginger Bread Tree

And set our aim a little higher with a house.  My kitchen has never been so messy or sticky.  The making and cutting the sections wasn't too hard once we had added extra flour to the sticky dough that really didn't want to roll.  Rolling it straight onto the baking parchment, cutting it on it and then transferring that straight to the baking tray was the key.

Once we had the cooled sections, we made royal icing, got it into a bag and slowly got to grips with putting it together.

The roof had to be held for a while, whilst it stuck but we were totally amazed that it after a while it stayed put.

The chimney was a challenge but again it stuck and stayed.
Sticking the 'roof tiles' on was just the best fun.  I piped and Cog stuck.
Overall we are very proud of ourselves.  We managed it without tears or tantrums.  We got stuck in (literally), we sang, we laughed and we ate sugar until our teeth hurt.

What a great way to spend an afternoon.


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