Christmas Chill Out

>>  Saturday, December 22, 2012

Our local Churches do a lot of community events together.  One Sunday in December they do a 'Chill Out'.  It's a free event at the village hall.  Tea, cakes, soup, games for children, crafts, facials, manicures, chocolate fountain.
They always have a table for making Christmas table decorations. My mum helps to run that one.
Afterwards we chilled at home making Cogs friend's Christmas presents.
Best Friend biscuits, all the ingredients (minus butter and egg) layered in a jar.  I think they are a lovely personal thing to give.
She does her own wrapping now too.
Our friends in Switzerland gave us an Advent calender when they were here recently.  We have been a bit lax about opening it this week, which meant a lovely chocolate feast for us in one go.
And it also reminded us to get on with burning the Advent candle which was still tucked away in a cupboard.

Finally we settled down together and read all our favourite Christmas books.  Bill Frog to the Rescue, Mini Mouse's Christmas and others.

Yes, I know she is 14 but I'm past 40 and if I'm not too old for it, then nor is she.

A lovely day of togetherness.


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