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>>  Friday, November 16, 2012

"Should I be using a condom for safer oral sex?"

"Did you ever take drugs?"

And this is precisely the reason why I need more training at a Senior Section level.  Brownies have a habit of not asking these types of questions. By comparison Brownie questions, that sometimes seemed a little challenging, are mild.

Guiding has it's moments, I once had a Brownie come into the meeting and say

"I miss my mum"
"Oh, why where is she?"
"She died in the holidays."

Challenging moments to find the right words. But the Rangers really have got me on the hop.  I need to be sure that what I answer with is factually correct and is appropriate to say.  Remember we have girls from the age of 14.  What I might say to an 18 year old is not the same as a 14 year old but they are all in the same room.  Challenging.

I have taking to reading things like How to have safe oral sex for Dummies as my evening reading.  HWMBO hasn't started to ask why yet!

I have to think hard about how truthfully I answer questions about my own past, what is appropriate to share and what is the appropriate way to say it.  The message being passed out must be correct as well as the facts.

I'm not going to purse my lips and tell a 15 year old she just shouldn't do it.  I have to point out it isn't legal, or that it is ok to say no to a boy but also to help her know the safest way if she decided to go ahead.

So far I think we are doing ok and obviously the girls feel comfortable enough with us to ask these sorts of questions by ecky thump it's....well....challenging.

I'm actually finding that the Parenting Course I did recently is serving me well.  A course tip I pulled out of the hat this week was to tell the girls to practise answers in advance of difficult situations they might find themselves in.  Things like "I know you would like to do this, but I'm not ready right now, I need a little more time".  To say it out loud at home, saying something once out loud and being prepared with words for a circumstance you think you might face is a great help.

I suppose as time goes on and girls come and go through the years I'll get used to the questions and have confidence in the types of answers but for now it's a steep learning curve.

A lovely chemist guider and friend has given us some sperm phone charms and cards to hand out.  I think they will be impressed.


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